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Characteristics of the Top 10 Automotive Blogs

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Let’s face it, there are hundreds of automotive websites out there, but what are the characteristics of the ones that are so successful? It was challenging to compose a list of my favorite automotive feeds for this ranking of the Top 10 Automotive Blogs. The reason why it is so hard to choose, of course, is because there are so many excellent authors who write for a large variety of sites about a large variety of cars. These Top 10 Automotive Blogs have been hand selected based on their content quality, posting frequency, and authority in the market. There’s a chance you’ve never seen some of these websites before, but they all have significant followings and were chosen, not only on their enjoyable content, but on their dominance in their respective niches. So, without further ado, here’s the list:

The Top 10 Automotive Blogs

  1. autoblog.com: Notice the SEO-optimized blog name, but that’s not why they’re number one though. Autoblog.com has significant domain authority which it has established through covering news and reviews of the latest cars to hit the market. They produce high quality articles and do a great job of releasing current and breaking stories. The site also features a search tool to search for news and reviews by year, make and model.
  2. torquenews.com: Probably one of my most favorite automotive blogs ever. Torque News provides an interesting twist on news about new cars. The website is much brighter than Autoblog.com with inspiring pictures of the hottest cars and interesting posts ranging from profiles of car owners to predictions about new cars. I often come here to find things I don’t expect to see on other automotive blogs.
  3. caranddriver.com: Car and Driver just had to make the Top 10 Automotive blogs. It is probably one of the most well known automotive blog sites and can be found in every auto enthusiast’s browser history. Car and Driver is best known for its meticulous reviews along with allowing for the input from users who actually drive the cars. Notice the layout provides a feed showing the latest news in addition to allowing users to easily scroll through different model years of the same make. They also do live coverage of auto events like this one.
  4. carlustblog.com: It’s actually somewhat difficult to pinpoint exactly what to say about Car Lust Blog. Instead of just blogging about every new car on the market, this blog run by Amazon features stories on a variety of cars, regardless of their year or body style. There are plenty of different articles here and I have found myself spending countless hours surfing their pages learning about everything from the hot Subaru Justy to the more refined 2015 Lexus IS350 AWD.
  5. popularmechanics.com/cars/: As the name suggest, the longstanding Popular Mechanics magazine writes its own popular automotive blog. I appreciate how they host a large base of really fascinating articles on that are more related to the automotive industry than other blogs. This niche captures the attention of the car industry enthusiast and makes for really engaging but quick articles, like this one on the Chevy Engine Build Experience.
  6. subaruvortex.com: [Plug alert!] Although this website’s main focus is on the Subaru community, I thought it was worthy of the list based on its attention to accuracy and building community. If you are a Subaru enthusiast I am putting this one up just for you! My focus here is on building community which is (dare I say) a unique feature compared to the larger blogs, where everything is just a one-off review.
  7. carscoops.com: Another one of my favorites that is worthy of this list of Top 10 Automotive Blogs, Car scoops is a provider of high quality, information, and new age automotive articles. Covering the latest in high tech, Car scoop always has the most sleekest and sexiest cars of them all.
  8. carthrottle.com: This is my go to site for drag racing, articles that make fun of the Mini Cooper and overall funny news and articles related to cars. I love Car Throttle since they cover unique car models that many other blogs in the automotive space do not cover. There is a liberal use of pictures, videos, drama, etc. It’s sort of gossipy but you can find information on some of the rarest cars here.
  9. http://luxvelocity.typepad.com/luxvelocity/: I like luxvelocity because of it’s range of automotive parts related articles. They talk more than just cars. If you want to know how to organize your garage or put a carbon fiber body kit on your new FRS, you can find it here.
  10. http://blog.hemmings.com/: Hemmings Daily is my favorite resource for classic car related news and articles. As a classic car lover I find it important to include a classic car website in this top ten list. Although it doesn’t belong in the 10th position, it definitely provides a fascinating niche for bloggers to take in. Notice how many high resolutions the blog uses in addition to the liberal use of unique content. (I mean seriously, who else write about autocrossing in the snow??)

In short, this list merely scratches the surface of the most amazing automotive blog websites out there. Hopefully this characterization of the Top 10 Automotive blogs guides will help you when you think about your own blog or social media page. Are you creating original content that is insightful or entertaining? I hope you have been able to benefit from my knowledge.

Do you have a favorite automotive website you would like to share? Please leave a comment letting us know what you think about our list.

Thank you!


Jesse Jones is an avid car enthusiast. He writes professionally for many automotive resources with his main focus on Subaru and Subaru Communities. Although Jesse Is a car enthusiast, you will find
him writing most frequently on his survival blog, 365preppers.com.

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